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  • Your success is our basic objective

    By means of extraordinary flexibility, highly qualified staff and also our reliability we always endeavour to exceed the requirements of our customers. With our SGU and quality management we are always available to our customers.


    • Maritime corrosion prevention for ships, offshore facilities, tanks and hydraulic structures • Industrial corrosion prevention for steel structures, internal and external steel constructions.


    • For roadways, footpaths and parking areas


    • Sandblasting, shot blasting, high pressure water jet blasting, bolt jet blasting and CO2 blasting


    • Airless sprays • Low-pressure sprays • Electrostatic sprays • Hot-spray systems



The company I.G. Giourouk GmbH was founded in 2002.

Due to our promptness and reliability we have established a high degree of competency with many exemplary projects. 

We were able to cover all areas in the corrosion prevention industry quickly due to our extraordinary flexibility and highly qualified staff.


Complete reliability and customer service in yacht building, ship building, in industry and in the coating work sector are the cornerstone of our quality work.

From the start high varnishing standards in the entire internal or external area of the boat body (yacht and ship building)


define the value and quality of our work.

Excellent onsite coordination is just as essential as deploying the most up-to-date technology, highly qualified staff and flexibility.


We are aware of the high requirements of our customers and try to exceed these at all times.

Distinctive quality requirements and comprehensive service are something taken for granted with us.



   ♦ Surface preparations according to specifications or



   ♦ Professional sanding down and protection

     of sensitive areas, such as cable tracks, 

     machines etc.


   ♦ Professional varnishing


   ♦ All work processes are carried out in compliance with safety

     regulations and in discussion with the customers


   ♦ Careful documentation of all  work processes required for quality

      assurance (temperature recording,  thickness measurement and



   ♦ Work processes for quality assurance 

      (temperature recording,  thickness measurement

      and protocolling)


   ♦ Proper submission of the various work stages in discussion

     with the customer